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Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday, Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm

Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday, Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday, Monday: No walk-ins

Walk ins: $22 cash only. (Walkins are cut and beard trim only

Cancelled appointments require 24 hours notice and missed appointments will be charged regular price.


Beard trim...13
Beard trim & lineup...25
Hot shaves...31
Buzz cuts...13
Short cuts...26
Bald fade...31
Long hair...26
Long hair & blow dry...42
Complaints about the, jets, bombers,


Jeremy: 204.293.1850
Kim: 204.894.5466
Sam: 431.777.6737
Cait: 204.999.0452
Tay: 431.336.7789


567 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0W4

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Mon to Thurs: 8 to 9
Fri, Sat: 8 to 8
Sun: 9 to 5


We have four free parking spots available on the west side of the shop:


Imagine a barber shop. Men. Old newspapers. Uncomfortable chairs. Inexpensive prices.


Imagine a barber shop. Anyone. men or women. OPEN MINDED… Beautiful art. CREATIVE… Comfortable surroundings. CONSCIENTIOUS… Mid century modern furniture. HIP… Gourmet coffees. AHHHHH.. Home made biscotti. YUMMY… An old school record player playing the classics. FUN… Green friendly paraben free products. WHOA…Inexpensive prices. WHAT THE HELL...

Now imagine this not only being possible but a reality. A barbershop that is all of this and wait for it…...



Imagine a dollar from each and every service and a dollar from each and every product sold supporting local charities, local youth centres, local art programs and other local grass roots initiatives. Forever…

We know this is possible. We know this is right . We know this is a barber shop. We know this small ideal will lead us to bigger things. We hope this is something you will want to support.

This is now. This is the past. This is the future.

We are Hunter & Gunn and and we are not your Father’s barber…

We are your barber.